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I am grateful for the education I have gained and couldn't be happier with my choice to attend your school. I would confidently recommend IMAj to anyone I know who is looking to enter the esthetic field.

You have a comprehensive curriculum and fantastic educations. You made it fun to learn!

Our State Board Prep teacher over-prepares students for the State Board exam. She really sets up her students for success. She challenges students thinking processes & doesn't just give answers. She also follows up on any confusion.

IMAj institute has a great curriculum, teaching advanced aesthetics and awesome instructors who are knowledgeable and passionate about aesthetics! Loved attending this school!

I am grateful for my time at IMAj Institute.

My experience in school is so fulfilling I learned so much being your student. My dream is to be a great esthetician and because of you and I am!

Our Unit 1 instructor is amazing! I love her energy and depth of knowledge, especially her knowledge of specific conditions and product ingredients.

The Professional Development course was awesome!

My Unit 2 instructor had an in-depth knowledge of product ingredients.

I recommend Imaj Institute to anyone interested in becoming and Esthetician or Laser Technician. The school is beautiful and has a higher level of sophistication than others I visited. Nothing short of an amazing experience!

My Professional Development program was very helpful in teaching me how to present myself to get a job.

Our Unit 3 instructor is the bee's knees!!!!

Our Unit 1 instructor was amazing. She was patient and knowledgeable. I felt like I could rely on her to answer questions when I was with a client which was super helpful.

The Professional Development program was good preparation for finding a job and what to look for in a job.

I loved Unit 2, especially the make-up lessons.

Our Unit 3 instructor was fun and was a hands-on teacher.

I had an amazing experience in Unit 1. Our instructor is very caring and thorough. She helped build my confidence. Getting my education at IMAj Institute was a great experience and I made many friends. I am looking forward to working in a Med Spa. Unit 2 was fun and eventful! I loved it!

The teaching skills of the Professional Development instructors are great! I learned so much and it brought everything together. Building my resume in the Professional Development class was very helpful.

The State Board Preparation course was so fun! I loved the games and the instruction was very engaging.

I loved the knowledgeable teachers and the hands-on experience I received. The instructors were very helpful and I enjoyed making new friends. The staff is excellent! I truly enjoyed being at IMAj and experiencing the many things I did.

The State Board class was really helpful in prepping for the State Board exam. Going over the questions made me feel comfortable about taking the State Board exam. The final unit was extremely helpful. Everything seemed to come together.

Our Unit 3 instructor did a great job! I was happy to be in her class and learn from the best! Thank you!

Our instructor was very professional and had an in-depth knowledge of the subjects.

I enjoyed reviewing the information we learned during State Board prep. It was very important and the instructor made everything so easy and was very patient with us. I'm so confident I'm going to pass!

Our State Board Prep teacher understands how Estheticians think - visually, etc. This has brought such great clarity. I must say I was engaged the entire lesson.

Thank you! Your knowledge is vast and brilliant!

The games and reviews in the State Board Preparation class were fun and useful. Reviewing the material by playing a game was a fun way to review.

I made my new best friends at IMAj.

Amazing laser education. State of the art tools. I feel very confident going in to the aesthetics field after graduation. IMAj instructors are great. Definitely would recommend

This school is such a good place to go, They really make sure you know your work and have a positive environment The high tech technology is so fun to work with and all the teachers are great!

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